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Re: auto-accidentals in different octaves

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: auto-accidentals in different octaves
Date: Mon, 11 Mar 2002 15:06:28 +0100 (MET)
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Citat Glen Coates <address@hidden>:

> Hi .. I've just started using Lilypond in conjunction with NoteEdit
> and
> I'm very impressed so far, however one little thing is annoying me.  If
> I
> put an accidental in a bar, lets say high Db, then LP automatically puts
> a
> flat in front of the D's in other octaves,

If this is really true then you have found a bug, but I assume that you made a 
typo and that you meant Db's instead of D's (or did you mean "natural sign" 
instead of "flat"?)

> which as any musician will
> tell
> you is not what is automatically implied.  True, some people will
> explicitly put a natural in front of other octave D's to emphasise
> that
> they are in fact natural, but LP is making the wrong assumption here. 

No, this is definitely not true - I know a lot of musicians - and we ALL agree 
that accidentals needs to be repeaten in new octaves.
Kurt Stone has more on 20th century common notation - and he also states this.

> Is
> there any way to turn off this behaviour?

You don't state which Lily you use.
In 1.4.anything there's not much you can do. I don't think it's possible to 
turn off the auto-accidentals - and if you remove the accidental engraver 
completelhy I don't even think that explicit accidentals are typeset.
In 1.5.enough you can add
\property Score.autoAccidentals = #'((measure-any-octave . 0))
(Syntax about to change - as soon as I get time)
to the start of the music. measure-any-octave means that the accidentals are 
remembered for a number of measures and in all octaves. 0 means that 
they "survive" over 0 bar lines. That is: They die at the end of the measure.
If you wan't to turn off automatical accidentals (and place them yourself 
with ! and ?) then use
\property Score.autoAccidentals = \turnOff

Rune Zedeler
Otte Ruds Gade 44A 4tv
8200 Ã…rhus N
Tel: 86786563

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