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single line music

From: jennifer l doering
Subject: single line music
Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2002 23:40:49 -0800 (PST)


I'm trying to make a bunch of single-line musical examples to embed within
a paper.

Here's my code:

\header {
    tagline = ""

\score {
    \notes {
    \time 7/4
        \clef violin
        d'4 e'4 f'4 g'4 a'4 b'4 c''4
        c'4 d'4 e'4 f'4 g'4 a'4 b'4
        b4 c'4 d'4 e'4 f'4 g'4 a'4
    \paper {linewidth = -1 indent=0  \translator {
        \remove Stem_engraver
        } }


But when I embed the postscript file, it is on a single page.  I thought a
negative value for linewidth produced a single, unjustified line?  p. 85
of the reference manual says \singleLine is a shorthand for it.  Could
someone give me an example of how it's used?

By the way, I've been using Finale for years, and already I prefer


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