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Simple problem gettingh started

From: R G Whedon
Subject: Simple problem gettingh started
Date: Mon, 18 Mar 2002 19:33:11 -0500

I think the problem is that the default directory for the file is under a directory which has my name as one of the parts of the path, unfortunately separated by a space.
I don't seem to be able to either change this "default" or to point Lilypond to another directgor which does not have the space.
Any ideas what I shouild do?
Here is a copy of the screen with the error message appearing as the 4th line from the bottom:
Congratulations and welcome to GNU LilyPond.
To get started, visit:
If you encounter any problems, visit:
When it all works, head straight to the tutorial:
Ralph address@hidden /usr/bin/Ralph Whedon$ notepad
Ralph address@hidden /usr/bin/Ralph Whedon$ --include, -I=c:\gp3\
> lydvi -P
BASH: --include,: command not found
Ralph address@hidden /usr/bin/Ralph Whedon$ ly2dvi -P foo
ly2dvi:error: filename should not contain spaces: `/usr/bin/Ralph Whedon/foo'
Ralph address@hidden /usr/bin/Ralph Whedon$
Ralph address@hidden /usr/bin/Ralph Whedon$
Ralph address@hidden /usr/bin/Ralph Whedon$

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