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A nicer triangle for 7M chords

From: Laurent Martelli
Subject: A nicer triangle for 7M chords
Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 02:14:06 +0100


I've been tweeking my chord-name.scm and come to the conclusion that
"$\\Delta$" gives a better looking triangle for major seventh chords
than ((font-family . math) "M"). "M" is a filled triangle on my TeX
installation (tetex 1.0.7+20011202 from Debian unstable), and "N" is a
normal "upward triangle", but it does not look very good (i my
opinion).So here's what I use for chord::names-alist-jazz in
chrod-name.scm :

        (((0 . 0) (2 . 0) (4 . 0) (6 . 0)) .  ("$^\\Delta$"))

By the way, if I run lilypond in a directory where there is a
chord-name.scm, it is loaded, but if I run ly2dvi it does not use
it. Is this a feature or a bug ?

Laurent Martelli

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