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spacing in v 1.4.9 vs spacing in v 1.2.17

From: Silvia Bertoluzza
Subject: spacing in v 1.4.9 vs spacing in v 1.2.17
Date: Thu, 21 Mar 2002 12:23:00 +0100

hi everybody,

i have been using lilypond during the last few months and it's great.
recently i upgraded from version 1.2.17 to 1.4.9 and what i remarked
is a slightly worse handling of spacing when running ly2dvi. 
i put the two outputs on my web-page under

in the second one the chords are clashing one with the other, and with
the tie below, and the score is too close (in my opinion) to the title and
authors listing. i think i can fix this using some dirty trick (like forcing 
the measure below the chords to be larger by inserting some transparent
note) but since from this point of view the spacing in v. 1.2.17 was better, 
(quite ok, actually) i thought i would let you know.

best. silvia.
silvia bertoluzza

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