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Re: Font of lyrics text

From: Asempl
Subject: Re: Font of lyrics text
Date: Sat, 30 Mar 2002 21:46:36 +0300

> Asempl <address@hidden> wrote:
> [Using Cyrillic and other fonts.]
> > I have checked the path. It is correct.
> > I tried to delete the file scm/font.scm at all. However, in LilyPond's
> > work nothing was changed.
> >
> > I suppose, my copy of LilyPond (1.4.10) does not see this file at all. I
> > have installed LilyPond via RedHat RPM. *rpm file was built on my machine
> > from *.tar.gz source.
> This is weird. I use version 1.4.10 as well, compiled and installed it
> without building a RPM. I doubt Lilypond will continue to work with that
> file missing. `locate font.scm' will reveal its location.

The problem is fixed.

My copy of LilyPond was loading scm/font file from location of BUILD 
directory (/usr/src/BUILD/lilypond-1.4.10). After deleting the source files 
used for building, LilyPond loaded scm/font.scm properly.

Now my cyrillic text works OK, although with latin encoding only.

Thank you very much!!!


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