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Re: Font of lyrics text

From: Asempl
Subject: Re: Font of lyrics text
Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002 00:33:49 +0300

> > Usually I don't try to typeset Title, poet, composer and so on via
> > lilypond. It is often necessary for me to make a plain text and a music
> > fragments side-by-side in single document (such as music manual or
> > analytic article). For my puposes it is more convenient to work in a way
> > described below:
> That is what lilypond-book is for.

Of course. lilypond-book does almost the same work OK. My method is my 
personal preference only. It is a little more convenient, if the same pieces 
must be contained in article as well as in musicbook.

> > Furthermore, I have to produce VERY large (more than 100 pages) music
> > pieces from time to time. ly2dvi often cannot handle them, but
> > lilypond+latex can.
> 100+ Pages? That must be the conductor's score for a symphony.

Not for symphony, but for opera :)

> I have
> done some large, multi-part scores but never hit the limits.
> My suggestion: Just put ly2dvi to work on a huge piece. If it crashes,
> post a bug report (with all the relevant error messages).

Thank you. I will try to do it.


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