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printing problem

From: Tanneke den Blaauwen
Subject: printing problem
Date: Mon, 01 Apr 2002 12:21:48 +0200

Dear Lilypond users,

I have just started using lilypond as a window user. After some initial
problems I got lylipind working, but I can not print the files. I can copy
them to word and then print the file, but that does not look as nice as it
could be.

The problem is that I had a ghostscript 6.53 installed because lylipond
could not find the gostscript for gostview. After trying several things I
got rid of this problem. I deleted the gostscript 6.53 folder because it
kept interfering with Lylipond. However, gostview keeps reporting upon a
print command that it can not load the ghostscript dll

I have on my computer:
but the computer is not looking for that.

I also tried to make the requested folder and copied the 32.dll into it
(this did not work).

I also tried to re install lylipond hoping that the computer forgets about
the ghostcript version 6.53. This did not work.

Perhaps somebody knows a solultion? I hardly remember any DOS comandos, so
please do as if I am a complete digi-ignorance in your reply.

Thanks a lot,


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