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Graces and Slurs

From: Arkady Sempliyaroff
Subject: Graces and Slurs
Date: Wed, 3 Apr 2002 15:01:29 +0400

Hello All,

Is there any method to link a grace note to the next normal note with
a slur?

I tried:

\grace { a8 ( } ) c4

But Lilypond reported:

=> Cannot find the beginning of slur

and no slur was written in the resulting *.dvi

Further I tried

\grace { a8 ( } c4

Lilypond reported nothing, but slur was not written.

I am using Lilypond 1.4.10. Maybe I should shange the version for a
newer one?

Best regards,
 Arkady                          mailto:address@hidden

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