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Re: Russian lyrics (was Re: Font of lyrics text)

From: Arkady Sempliyaroff
Subject: Re: Russian lyrics (was Re: Font of lyrics text)
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2002 17:25:00 +0400

Hello Johan,

Wednesday, April 03, 2002, 10:41:45 PM, you wrote:

JS> I am glad to read that I could help you. Well, I got it working too,
JS> including the header lines. About the lyrics: They sometimes overlap.
JS> Probably because I use "\\cyr\\cyrya" and friends.

JS> How to get the correct sizes?

Now I am using AMS cyrillic fonts (wncyr* family). It works OK and
calculates correct sizes.

BTW, I am affraid to use TeX commands in LilyPond's (*.ly) files --
beacause of size and compatibility problems. The only exceptions for me
is \\framebox (used on \mark's), and the accented letters (for
European lyrics). Also, I use Makor to type lyrics in Hebrew.

Best regards,
 Arkady                            mailto:address@hidden

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