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From: Joerg Anders
Subject: Linux:noteedit:graces,alsa-0.9,aRts
Date: Fri, 5 Apr 2002 20:55:59 +0200 (CEST)

noteedit-1.18.0 is available:

New features:
The first 2 features actually don't concern NoteEdit but Pete Goodliffe's 
<address@hidden> TSE3 library. Version 0.1.3 of TSE3 is
alsa-0.5/0.9 and aRts compatible.

As a side effect NoteEdit is:
  - alsa-0.5/0.9
  - aRts compatible (start: noteedit -arts)

  - grace notes (see/hear example11.not)
  - Italien version (Tanks to Amerigo Carugno <address@hidden>)  
  - a glue button to (un)lock some buttons
  - wheel mouse causes horizontal(!) scroll (if correctly configured in X11) 
  - mezzo piano (mp)
  - bugs, bugs, bugs, ... (mainly concerning problems with slurred notes) 

Some aspects of grace notes

Please note! Grace notes are conflicting things: They do not
contribute to measure length. On the other hand a certain amount
of time is needed to play them. This time must be taken from other
notes. Thus, if you insert - say - 20 grace notes between two 8th
you cannot expect the playback really works! Problems also occur
if you place some graces without a main note.

Problems exporting graces notes

    accepts the graces so as written on score: with/without beam,
     with/without slur, even beamed stroken graces.

    changes the beam status reasonably. Version 1.4.x cannot deal
     with slurs in grace notes. NoteEdit will warn you.

   does not offer 16th graces. NoteEdit will warn you.

  hates beam statements in grace notes. It sets the beams reasonably.
  So, if you are a MUP user never produce grace notes with beams!
  Furthermore, MUP cannot deal with graces after. NoteEdit will warn you.

J.Anders, Chemnitz, GERMANY (address@hidden)

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