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Re: Text clashes with notes and/or slurs

From: Carter Brey
Subject: Re: Text clashes with notes and/or slurs
Date: Mon, 08 Apr 2002 09:47:59 -0400
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Stephen Allsopp wrote:

FWIW, I have found that you can chain multiple text grobs onto a note.
Where text has "bashed" into a note or marking, I've just added an empty
text string to the note with the text label. This forces a blank line
under the text, and "pushes" it up a bit.


        c^"Molto Allegretto :-)"^""

It's a kludge, I know, and not terribly "structured", but every time I
think like that  I remind myself how much fun writing music out in
longhand can be, and all of a sudden it seems like not so much of a kludge
after all :-)

Yes, this is the method I came across while browsing the mail archives, and I find it simple and intuitive, pace those who might consider it inelegant coding. The problem was so pervasive in my first attempts at using Lilypond that I was delighted to discover this quick workaround.


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