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Re: How to avoid ps2pdf

From: Erik Sandberg
Subject: Re: How to avoid ps2pdf
Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002 09:57:02 +0200

I have experienced very similar problems with Debian's ps2pdf package. I 
found one workaround:

Before running ps2pdf, run ps2ps on the postscript file, like


This produces a new postscript file which is not identical to, but which ps2pdf seems to like better: If you now use ps2pdf on, you will probably avoid those errors.


On Thursday 11 April 2002 00.28, you wrote:
> I've been running my lilypond through lilypond-book, latex, dvips, and
> ps2pdf in order to put pdf files up on the web that friends who have
> acrobat but not ghostscript can print.
> I upgraded to Mandrake 8.2 a couple of weeks ago, and this system
> seems to have stopped working.  Specifically, the postscript produced
> by dvips seems fine, but the pdf produced by ps2pdf has oddities like
> noteheads floating free from their stems and repeat dots moving away
> from the barlines.
> I have asked about this on the mandrake list, and other people have
> confirmed that they have the problem, but so far no solution has
> appeared.
> I know there are lots of ways to get pdf out of TeX; is anyone here
> using one with lilypond and latex that doesn't involve ps2pdf?

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