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Chords for Jazz Charts: Newbie Question

From: Robin Davies
Subject: Chords for Jazz Charts: Newbie Question
Date: Thu, 18 Apr 2002 15:47:21 -0700

Are there known problems with chords? Are there fixes in the works?

I'm trying to use lilypond for writing Jazz charts. I'm willing to accomodate chord notation quirks to a reasonable extent. I'm really impressed with Lily output; however chords are really very important to me, and I can't get the Lily Chords to work properly. I have already figured out how to use lyrics to notate, but, of course, if I use lyrics to mark chord changes, they won't transpose when I want to produce my B-flat/E-flat charts.

When I try to get Lily to generate things like a C13 chord, what I get in the output is

"C9" superscript "6136maj71113" (this is 'jazz chord style).

'american style output produces "C9 maj7/11/13"

(which is a bit strange too, given that the 7th is NOT maj).

I double checked whether c1:13 works in on a staff. Each of the chords
in "c1:13 g:m11 a:7 d:9 c g:m7+" produces the correct notes. It's the chord names that are doing  bizzarre things to say the least.

acc =  \chords {
        \property ChordNames.ChordName \override
                #'style = #'jazz               
        c1:13 g:m11 a:7 d:9 c g:m7+

 \score  {
           \context ChordNames \acc
           \context Staff=melody \acc
                title = "Chart Test"
        \paper {  }

I'm willing, and sorely tempted to kick in fixes. I'm also very tempted to provide an alternate chord name implementation of the form  C13b9 or C13+11 Cmaj9 &c (which is what I would think of as American chord notation) instead of the current scheme of notating.

Is anyone actively at work on this code?

Platform: win32.

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