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From: Anvita
Subject: Help
Date: Thu, 25 Apr 2002 04:22:51 +0530 (IST)

Hi, I'm working on designing some fonts using Bezier curves. I follow 
following steps:

1. Draw a curve.
2. Apply a brush pattern on it.
3. Convert into metafont (.mf file)
4. Get 'gf' (Generic font) file after running "mf" command
        This output I can see using:
                fontconvert -text filename
        OR I get .ps file after running:
                "gftodvi"  and then
                "dvips"    command.             
5. Get .bzr file after running "limn" over 'gf' file
6. Get .pf3 file after running "bzrto"
7. After some further steps, finally I have .gsf, .pf3, .mf, .pfa files 

The problem is, I'm not able to see the outline given by the output of 
'limn' (or further 'bzrto' and other) command.

Can you help please?? 

And let me know how can I view the outline of the curve given by 'limn'.
Or can I convert and view any of .gsf, .pf3, .pfa files using "ghostview"


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