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parse errors

From: Jule
Subject: parse errors
Date: Sat, 27 Apr 2002 14:36:17 -0400

Hey guys, 
i run lilypond 1.3.24 and i'm going to update to the current version as soon 
as the new Debian comes out, but for now i have this problem. whenever i try 
to ly2dvi my file it gives me loads of parse errors, doyou guys see anything 
wrong w the script?


        title="Assignment 6"
        composer="Jule Slootbeek"
        subtitle="Modulation with use of common chord"

stemDown = \property Voice.stem \override #'direction = #-1
stemUp = \property Voice.stem \override #'direction = #1

soprano = \notes \relative c'' \context Voice = soprano {
                \stemUp bes c8 d es c g' a g4 ges fis g e8 c16 d e4 dis e \bar 

alto = \notes \relative c' \context Voice = alto {
                \stemDown f8 g a4 a b c8 bes a c a b b4 b ais fis g \bar "|."

tenor = \notes \relative c \context Voice = tenor {
                \stemUp d f es a g a c8 bes16 a g4 g ais b g \bar "|."

bass = \notes \relative c \context Voice = bass {
                \stemDown bes c c d es c dis d b ces b e \bar "|."

\score {
        \context PianoStaff \notes <
                \context Staff = up < \time 2/4 \clef treble \key bes \major
                        \bar "|."
                \context Staff = down < \time 2/4 \cleff bass \key bes \mojor
                        \bar "|."
        \paper {}

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