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need help -- Win98

From: Ruediger Stuible
Subject: need help -- Win98
Date: Wed, 1 May 2002 13:28:06 +0200

I canĀ“t produce any output on my system. OS is Win98. See attachement
bug.txt and the following lines from the shell after trying to process
TIA for any hints to the problem


Analyzing lilytest.tex...
Running LaTeX...
error: latex: command exited with value 256
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/lilypond-1.4.12-1/bin/ly2dvi", line 850, in ?
    run_latex (files, outbase, extra_init)
  File "/usr/lilypond-1.4.12-1/bin/ly2dvi", line 626, in run_latex
    system (cmd)
  File "/usr/lilypond-1.4.12-1/bin/ly2dvi", line 234, in system
    error (msg)
  File "/usr/lilypond-1.4.12-1/bin/ly2dvi", line 132, in error
    raise _ ("Exiting ... ")
Exiting ...
TEX output to `lilytest.tex'...
LATEX output to `lilytest.latex'...


Ruediger Stuible

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