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Piano staff plus voice

From: Carter Brey
Subject: Piano staff plus voice
Date: Sun, 05 May 2002 17:46:15 -0400
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Attribute it if you will to a double-digit IQ, but I cannot figure out how to create a simple piano score with a voice line either on its own staff above the piano part or with lyrics set between the two piano lines, within the piano staff.

I downloaded examples to study from Mutopia, but they are all complicated by alternative languages or mulitple verses. I can't seem to untangle what I need. The "lyrics" sections of the manual only deal with a single accompanimental line.

When you have the time, I would very much appreciate help with the most basic ways to set up these two kinds of vocal scores (voice on its own line above the piano part, and lyrics alone within the piano staff).

Thanks very much. By the way, some colleagues who use (very expensive) Mosaic on their Macs were quite impressed with the printed Lilypond output that I showed them, especially when I pointed out that the total cost of the software involved was $0.00. Bravi tutti.

Carter Brey


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