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Re: glissando

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: glissando
Date: Tue, 07 May 2002 14:17:18 +0200

The problem is not the bar line but that you cannot have a 
glissando from one Voice context to another. Just remove 
"\context = VA" (you could also remove "\context Staff"
which is redundant). 

What happens is that the music from your first line of input 
is typeset in a Voice context with some randomly chosen name 
(unless you specified it earlier in the file). When you do
\context Voice = VA, you start another Voice context with name
"VA". Lilypond uses the name of the contexts to distinguish them.
If you don't specify any name at all or if you specify the same
name as a previously existing context, Lilypond will not create
a new context but rather let the music be typeset within the same
context. So, another alternative would be to explicitly specify
the name of the context already from the beginning of the piece:

  \notes \context Voice = VA {
  <\context Voice = VA {
    % Still in the same context
   \context Voice = VB {
    % Another context that could have independently set properties
   } >

However, as I said above, the easiest is just to avoid naming
the upper of the two voices.


> hello ... i'm unable to make glissando over a measure ... can you help me ?
> -----------------
>                 \stemUp [cis'''8 b'' a'' gis''] [g'' fis'' e'' dis'' ]
>                 \context Staff <
>                         \context Voice = VA { \stemDown fis''4 \stemUp 
> g'8 cis''4 \stemDown [e''8 a''] fis''}
>                         \context Voice = VB { a1 }
>                 >
> ------------------
> it ought to be from dis'' to fis''4 in VA
> thanks for any issue
> Macros
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