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Cygwin and Gs

From: Greg Guest
Subject: Cygwin and Gs
Date: Wed, 8 May 2002 20:52:26 -0400

IMHO  it is best for Windows users to get ghostscript separately.  I had it
before I got cygwin - lilypond and in my case lilypond did download a
version of gs.

However the two versions confused each other, and the way I solved the
problem was to delete the version of gs that came with the lilypond and use
the stand alone one.

Also, although I have not done anything terribly complicated, I have had no
trouble converting ps files to pdf using ghostscript or GSview which even
has a menu option for it.

Also, IMHO, and as someone who has recently succeeded in getting lilypond
onto a linux box, I think the best advice is to tell everyone just to make a
linux partition.  Cygwin dvips takes a     HUGE amount of time to run.


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