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Numbering of repeated bars

From: Carter Brey
Subject: Numbering of repeated bars
Date: Sat, 11 May 2002 08:17:21 -0400
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Hi, all--

I'd be grateful if you could have a look at the attached and help me solve a very minor problem. There are fifteen or so bars at the end which repeat, and I put numbers over them to help keep the player from getting lost if he starts to think about his taxes or the last episode of "ER". Once the numerals become two-digit starting at 10, Lilypond refuses to compile unless I enclosed them in quotes. That's fine, but they appear in a larger, less attractive font than the single digits. Any workaround? I know there's a technique for repeated bars in which the numbers appear over the barlines, but I really want them over the notes.

I'm using Lilypond 1.4.13 and Linux kernel 2.4.17.



|Carter Brey (address@hidden)|
Yinkel, n.:
        A person who combs his hair over his bald spot, hoping no one
        will notice.
                -- Rich Hall, "Sniglets"

                instrument = Violoncello
                subsubtitle = "(Tune C string down to B-flat)"
                tagline = "Robert Schumann: Piano Quartet Opus 47, scordatura 
                copyright = "Robert Schumann: Piano Quartet Opus 47, scordatura 

                        \time 3/4
                        \clef bass
                        \key bes \major
                        \property Staff.midiInstrument = "cello"
                        r4^""^""^""^""^#'((bold large) "Andante cantabile") 
                        \!f4\p r4 r4
                        r4 f\mf( ees
                        d c'4. )bes8
                        bes4( c' )d'
                        d'( )ees ees
                        ees ees( d
                        c bes4. )a8
                        a4( bes )c'
                        c'( )d d
                        d d( c
                        bes, a4. )g8
                        g4( a )bes
                        bes( )c c
                        c4. c8( d )bes,
                        a,4( g4. )ges8
                        f\>( e ees c g, \!a, 
                        c )bes, r4 r4 
                        r4 bes_#'((italic) "poco a poco cresc.")( a
                        g f'4. )ees'8
                        ees'4( f' g'
                        )a' r r
                        r a( g
                        fis ees'4. )d'8
                        d'4( e' fis' 
                        )g' r r
                        r g( f 
                        ees d'4. )c'8
                        c'4( d' )ees'
                        ees( )f f
                        f( f' ees'
                        )d' r r
                        bes,2 r4
                        ees2 r4
                        c2 r4
                        ees2 r4
                        c2 r4
                        d2 r4
                        d2 r4
                        g,2-o r4
                        g2 r4
                        ees2 r4
                        c2 r4
                        g,2_""_IV r4
                        f2 r4
                        bes2 r4
                        r c_""_IV( bes,
                        \bar "||"
                        \key ges \major
                        \time 4/4
                        )aes,\p\< <aes,2 des> \!bes,8\>( )c
                        \!c4( des2 c4
                        bes, aes, f, g,\< ~
                        \!g,8\> )aes,4 \!aes,8( ges4_""_III f ~
                        f )ees2 ges4( ~
                        ges )f2 aes4( ~ 
                        aes )ges2 aes4 ~
                        aes aes,( des )ees,_IV
                        r4 aes,_""_IV^pizzicato r bes,8 c 
                        r4 des r c
                        r8 g, r aes, r f, r g,
                        r aes, r aes, r ges_""_III r f
                        r4 ees r ges
                        r f r aes
                        r ges r8 ges r aes
                        r aes r aes des4 r
                        \repeat volta 2 {r2 r4^arco ees( ~
                        ees8 )aes, aes,4 r 2
                        r2 r4 ges4\<( ~ 
                        ges8 )c \!c2(\f\> des8 )ees
                        \!ees4( des2 )c4}
                        \alternative { {r des2 des4
                        r aes,2_""_IV r4}
                        {r4 des2 des4
                        r aes,2_""_IV aes,4 ~ \bar "||"} }
                        \time 3/4
                        aes, g,2_""_#'((italic) "diminuendo") ~ 
                        g, r4
                        \bar "||"
                        \key bes \major
                        bes,8_pizz_""_III^#'((bold large) "Tempo I") r8 r4 r4
                        \property Score.skipBars = ##t R2.*15
                        c4^pizz r r
                        c r r
                        f  r r
                        f r r
                        bes, r r
                        bes, r r
                        ees r r
                        ees c ees
                        f d f
                        g ees g
                        g c d
                        d ees e
                        f r r
                        r f\p^""^""^#'((italic) "rit.")^""^arco( 
ees_#'((italic) "espressivo")  
                        d^""^""^""^""^#'((italic) "a tempo") c'4. )bes8
                        bes4( c' )d'
                        d'( )ees ees
                        ees ees( d
                        c bes4. )a8
                        a4( bes )c'
                        c'( )d d
                        d d( c
                        bes, a4. )g8
                        g4( a )bes
                        bes( )c c
                        c4. c8( d )bes,
                        a,4( a4. )g8
                        f(_""_#'((italic) "ritard.")  e ees c\< g, \!a,
                        c^""^""^#'((italic) "a tempo")  )bes, bes,4.-.(\pp 
                        <c,2. bes,^1> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^2> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^3> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^4> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^5> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^6> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^7> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^8> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^9> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^"10"> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^"11"> ~
                        <c,2. bes,^"12"> ~
                        <c,4 bes,> r r
                        \bar "|."

                \paper { }
                \midi  { \tempo 4=84}



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