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Re: last few small errors

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: last few small errors
Date: Thu, 16 May 2002 19:56:04 +0200

> Hi again !
> I have last two ( I hope :)) ) problems in my music ...
> 1. numbering of measures has gone ! ... i don't understand why .. :(
> 2. last five lines have doubled their ending bars :( --> i don't know 
> how to remove it
> perhaps #1 depends on #2 ?

Yes, they are both symptoms of the same problem in your input, 
namely that bar 15 is too long. If you replace the "s16." with 
"s16", it will work. Lilypond can easily help you find these
problems if you insert an "|" in the input file where you 
expect each bar to end. These bar checks are invaluable when
you have larger scores.

> 3. the first repeat -> alternative no.2 -> seconda volta 2 sign - 
> doesn't have ending ..

You mean a small vertical line at the end of the second bracket?
You do get it as long as you don't have a line break before the
beginning of the second repeat. I'm actually not sure about the
correct behaviour in this case. Another question is if you want
a double bar line after the Fine (i.e. after seconda volta of
the first repeat). You can get it by specifying \bar "||:"
before the second repeat. Again, I'm not sure what is considered
good typesetting practice and if there should be a vertical
ending of the seconda volta bracket when it has a double bar 


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