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Re: documentation, collisions, and context help

From: Carlos Garcia Suarez
Subject: Re: documentation, collisions, and context help
Date: Fri, 17 May 2002 14:31:32 +0200

I am not sure what the issue is, but let me say that I have used the
lilypond manual quite extensively both the tutorial and the index to look
for things.

It provides a good first approach, but it creates a bit of frustation when
you start to discover that they are many things / options that are not
explained. Specially all this question of \properties ..... of grobs. All
that end up being pretty messy for a regular computer user who is not an
expert programmer any more.

In fact, I have wondered if there was a more advanced version of the user
manual available that would cover those things not explained.

I have found that more and more I have to go to the web page for online
information which uncovenient when I am home and do not have an open
Internet connection all the time, or when one prefers to work still with a
printer reference document.

I undertand that the effort to re-vamp the manual could be extensive for
people working for free, maybe an idea would be ask for support to the group


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> > Ah.  Got it.
> >
> > Yes, I read through the tutorial, but did not "work through" it- I read
> > and afterwards used it for reference rather than trying to create my own
> > versions of each example concept.
> Another question: did you use the index of the manual for looking up
> things?
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