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Re: Grammar and music.

From: Martin Norbäck
Subject: Re: Grammar and music.
Date: 22 May 2002 21:58:57 +0200

ons 2002-05-22 klockan 13.25 skrev SOULLARD Clement:
> My aim is to make a Finale clone for Linux. There is a long time I'm
> thinking of this but the task is huge, I'll probably need help.
> Porcessing music sheet under tex is a compilation so in a sense this is far
> from the an event driven application like Finale, but the rules are the
> same.

I can't say I've used Finale, but I've seen output from it. The output
from Lilypond is better. Maybe this was because of some setting in
Finale, but I doubt it.
If you go ahead with this project, consider using lilypond as a

> You can find a presentation and a start of specs at

I've read your page and I wish you good luck with your ambitious

Here are some other projects that you don't mention on your page, so I
thought I'd mention them. (All of these work in Linux)

Rosegarden: very old project, being reengineered for kde3

NoteEdit: seems to be the most featureful

Brahms: main focus on midi stuff

MuX2d: not that featureful yet, musixtex front-end

Denemo: not that featureful yet, lilypond front-end

Gscore: not that much at all yet

So there are quite a few projects in this area.



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