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Re: guile

From: Martin Norbäck
Subject: Re: guile
Date: 27 May 2002 16:49:41 +0200

mån 2002-05-27 klockan 16.28 skrev Rune Zedeler:
> Martin Norbäck wrote:
> > Red Hat has guile 1.3 so anything that uses guile in the redhat
> > distribution will have to be recompiled to use guile 1.4 (they are
> > binary incompatible).
> Whoa, easy now, if you install guile 1.4 in /usr/local/ and leave 1.3 in 
> /usr/ then you don't have to recompile anything.

Sure, if you install everything from sources, you'll not have these
problems (but perhaps others...), he was talking about the guile-1.4-4
rpm though.



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