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Re: Text above staves

From: Rune Zedeler
Subject: Re: Text above staves
Date: Tue, 28 May 2002 14:54:01 +0200
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Maurizio Tomasi wrote:

"Trio".  At the end of the piece there is "Menuetto da capo".  Well, I
want to write "Minuetto" and "Trio" once, and above the whole set of
staves, and "Menuetto da capo" below them.  But if I place these texts in
the first violin staff, they will never be printed when extracting parts
for the second violin, the viola and the cello.

Use a Voice context.
Alternatively you could say something like

topmarks = \notes { s1*10^"Allegretto" s1*20^"Trio" s1*"Minuetto da capo" }

\score {
  \context Staff = violinstaff \notes <


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