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Re: music-font

From: simon bailey
Subject: Re: music-font
Date: Wed, 29 May 2002 14:52:59 +0200

hi david,

> If you define them in this way then only the shell knows about these
> variables. If you want that also the programs and scripts (like ly2dvi)
> that you call from the shell know them (and you do want that in this
> case), then you should use the "export" command before the definition:
> [bashprompt]$ export LILYPONDPREFIX=/usr/share/lilypond-1.5.58
> [bashprompt]$ export LILYINCLUDE=$LILYPONDPREFIX/ly

hmm, that's what i thought as well, but when i tried exporting them, after
setting them, i received an error message, so left it at that.

[box]$ export $LILYPONDPREFIX

that's the command i tried.

however, i have now updated my guile to version 1.5.6 and everything is now
working hunkydory.

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