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Re: Chord notation

From: Jule Slootbeek
Subject: Re: Chord notation
Date: Wed, 05 Jun 2002 08:56:27 -0400
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David Boersma wrote:
>>Hey guys,
> There are also women on this list!
>>I have a question on adding text to a score
>>when i hand in assignments in class (I study music in college) my
>>teacher askes us to analyze our music and notate the chords under the
>>score (using roman numerals and inversion symbols, not pop-notation.
>>(ex.  iii6/4 in stead of Em\B (in C), and [V7] V for secondary dominants
>>etc. etc.)
>>is there a way in lilypond 1.4 to do this or do i need to use lilypond-book?
> simple first guess: have you considered using the Lyrics context for the
> harmonic comments? If so, what was the problem with that?
> Or are you asking for a way to let Lilypond calculate the harmonic
> analysis for you? :-)
>>thanks a lot..
>>ps. currently i use a pencil after i print out my score..:) but if i
>>want to email it to him, this gets harder, and scanning etc. is a b*tch.
> If you are really desperate you might think of editing the postscript
> version of your score with Illustrator (Windows) or KIllustrator==Kontour
> (Linux). I did not try that yet myself, though (I'm afraid there might be
> a font problem). And I do not think it will be necessary in your case.
> Good luck,
> David Boersma
> Amsterdam

Excuse me, Guys, and Girls,

Uhm well i was wondering if lilypond had special functions to print the inversion symbols correctly... so the 6 above the 4 (6 in superscript
and 4 in subscript on the same col.) I have thought about using the
lyric line, but i was just checking if there are special options for that.
If lilypond can do it itself is unnecessary since most of the times i
write the music myself..and tghus have a pretty good iea what chords i
thanks for the info,


Jule Slootbeek  

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