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Re: Justified staffs

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: Justified staffs
Date: Fri, 07 Jun 2002 13:46:04 +0200

> Hello all,
> I needed two things that I didnt find in the manual
> 1) how can I control breaks (I didnt get it with \bar ""... it just does
> not break when there is space... and I couldnt user \penalty ... I tried
> #0 value and #99999) 

As explained in an earlier answer, you should use \break.
However, Lilypond will only consider line breaks at bar
lines, so if you write unmetered music, you could use one
of the following tricks:
- Keep the underlying division into bars, just remove the bar
  lines, using \property Score.defaultBarType="". 
- Allow line breaks between any notes, using
  \property Score.barAlways=##t and setting the default bar type
  as above.
- Explicitly insert \bar "" commands where you want to allow
  line breaks.

> 2) how do I justify a staff (I want staffs of the same length and the
> notes distributed over them)

If you have unmetered music, you could use the first trick
described above, setting the time signature to the desired
bar length.

> 3) I'm writing unmetered music and I want not the time signature to
> appear, how do I do it? (I have already written \cadenzaOn and set the
> property Score.timing = ##f but the 'c' still appears at the start of the 
> score)

You have already received a good answer to this one.


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