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letter size

From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: letter size
Date: Fri, 7 Jun 2002 23:36:32 +0000

Am I the only one who finds that ly2dvi ignores the 
\paper { papersize = "letter" } 
directive and produces A4 output in all cases?
Unless I use psresize, I get clipping of the tops
of the pages.  Ghostview shows "Bounding Box" which
gives an identical display when changed to A4, but
when changed to letter the tops of the pages are 
shown to be clipped.

I have also had to use psresize to get the page
numbers in the manual.

Converting to pdf after doing psresize gives either
an inferior printout or garbage.

Of course psresize also causes the stems to be
quite uneven in thickness.

Can lilypond-book produce good copy on letter
size paper?  Is the manual just in A4 size?  If
that is the case, it would be good to tell
people about psresize somewhere.
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         David Raleigh Arnold   address@hidden

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