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Re: Lilypond crashes while compiling this (correct) file...

From: Han-Wen
Subject: Re: Lilypond crashes while compiling this (correct) file...
Date: Sat, 8 Jun 2002 14:07:31 +0200

address@hidden writes:
> Mats Bengtsson wrote:
> > The variables to increase are extra_mem_top, extra_mem_bot
> > and pool_size. Actually, the ly2dvi script sets these variables
> > as environment variables which overrides the settings in the
> > texmf.cnf file, so as long as you use ly2dvi and these settings
> > are not high enough, I'm afraid you have to edit the settings
> > in the ly2dvi file instead. Note: for the 1.4 series, this was
> > introduced in 1.4.13, so if you have 1.4.12 or older it may be
> > enough to upgrade.
> I tried to tweek tex settings in imho all posiible ways, but nothing helps.
> I attach another snippet from the score - this time starting at measure 
> 180 and lasting 8 measures (i.e. should fit onto one A3-page).
> Please if somebody would try and see if they could process the file with 
> ly2dvi without errors...?

I get lots of "improbable" offset errors. checks for
offsets that are larger than 30 cm. I changed it to 100 cm in
CVS. ... Perhaps that is the cause ?  :-)

> Btw if you are curious about how it looks (but fail to process it) then 
> you can try and comment out some of the staves. I guess it processes 
> smoothly if there are only 20 staves on the page.
> (If I just manage to process the file one page at a time then we are 
> there, actually... A little hard but possible. Should fit into just 45 
> pages... :-| )

It seems to work over here -- if you want, I can try to process the file.


Han-Wen Nienhuys   |   address@hidden   | 

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