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choir music

From: Felipe Massia
Subject: choir music
Date: Fri, 14 Jun 2002 05:30:13 -0300

Hello all,

thanks for the answers I received. I'm studying the manual, downloading
.ly files, but I want to know which is the common/natural/best way to do
something specific... 

I'm typesetting many choir pieces with a chorus that is
going to be repeated and a long solo that goes over it.

1. In the midi, I want the chorus to be repeated as many times as needed
for the solo. Is there a way to make it automatically? e.g. fill the
chorus staff up to the end of the solo? by now, I'm counting how many
measures I must repeat and writing a chorus staff that is repeated over
and over along the solo staff.

2. I'm inserting multimeasure rests, but I want the number to be
inserted in the score instead of above, and removing the rest mark. Is
there a structured way to do it? (and that is generated in the midi as

Felipe Massia Pereira

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