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a stupid question (ties / slurs)

From: Simon Bailey
Subject: a stupid question (ties / slurs)
Date: 14 Jun 2002 17:10:31 +0200

hi all,

i have a question. i know the musical distinction between a slur and a
tie; however when i was just transcribing a some music, i found that
lilypond doesnt seem to make a distinction:

\notes {
\time 4/4
c4 c4 c2 ~
c4 c2.

gives the same result as:

\notes {
\time 4/4
c4 c4 c2 (
)c4 c2.

or does it?

now for the stupid question: is there a difference in the lilypond
implementation of slurs and ties? or does this only come into effect
when ly files are converted to midi?

Confucius say, man who live in glass house shower in basement.

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