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Chord 3-.5-.7- symbol

From: Carlos Garcia Suarez
Subject: Chord 3-.5-.7- symbol
Date: Sun, 16 Jun 2002 11:43:45 +0200

1.5.60 Windows 2K, but might be the same for older versions

When you want to pring a chord like c:m5-.7- in the american stype, I think
one is supposed to get an overlapped " o /  ", however I only get a strange
character which I do not recongize. I am wondering if this routine is
calling a font that I do not have or something like that.

Can I fixit some how ?

The other problem (which mentioned in an earlier mail) is that in the banter
mode the supercripts end up being to much separated from the chord name and
it looks ugly. In fact, I resorted to the american style to avoid this.



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