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Re: problem compiling lilypond

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: problem compiling lilypond
Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2002 08:15:30 +0200

> Hello,
>       I'd appreciate any help you could give with compiling lilypond. I do 
> ``configure'',
> and it works. When I do ``make'', I get a bunch of output, ending in the 
> following:
> bison -d parser.yy
> parser.yy contains 2 shift/reduce conflicts.
> mv out/parser.hh
> mv: cannot stat `': No such file or directory
> I'm compiling lilypond 1.4.8 on Linux (Mandrake). I think I have all the 
> software
> that's supposed to be needed: teX, GUILE, etc.

This problem should be solved in the latest 
stable release 1.4.14, I recommend that you 
try that one instead. 

>       (BTW, I couldn't tell from the INSTALL.txt file or from the lilybond 
> website
> whether address@hidden was a mailing list, or an address that would
> go to a particular person, and if it's a mailing list,
> it would also be nice if it could state whether
> e-mailing to this list would result in one's non-spamproofed e-mail address
> being posted on the web.)

It's certainly a mailing list (I can find exactly this
phrasing several places in the documentation and on
the web site, don't know where you looked). I you 
click on "Mailing lists" on the web page, you'll find
links to the archives where you can see that many 
people are active whith questions and answers. Also, 
I'm afraid that you'll find quite some spam there
as well. As far as I understand, mailing list
service we use doesn't have a very good spam filter.


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