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Text markup in part combining

From: Carter Brey
Subject: Text markup in part combining
Date: Thu, 20 Jun 2002 12:03:13 +0900
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Am in the midst of a large Tchaikovsky orchestral score (Lilypond version 1.5.58). I'm finding that code such as this:

c_#'((italic) "cresc.")

if entered in each of two parts that share a staff (e.g. clarinet I and clarinet II) will result in two iterations of the text below the staff, despite this:

\context Voice=one  \partcombine Voice
           \context Thread=one \clarinetI
\context Thread=two \clarinetII having been correctly entered in the file. This does not happen with "\< \!" or "\cresc \endcresc".

I can send along the files in zipped format but thought I'd save the bandwidth first in case there's a simple explanation.



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