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Installing lily 1.5.63 messes up abcm2ps

From: Atte Andre Jensen
Subject: Installing lily 1.5.63 messes up abcm2ps
Date: Thu, 27 Jun 2002 21:57:48 +0200 (CEST)

Just installed the latest/greatest lily from source on Mandrake 8.0, but
now abcm2ps (another typesetter) doesn't work when run with my
format-description. To be more precise the outputted file is not
understood by neither gv or gimp. Such a problematic postscript file
that is currently unreadable on my system is here:

Without the format file the ps-output from abcm2ps works ok, like in this
file, created from the same abc-file:

I suppose the problems is somewhere with the fonts I define in my format
file... But (although I don't pretend to grasp the inner workings of
postscript and/or gv) I don't see how installing lily can smash the fonts
used by abcm2ps. For those who know abc, heres my format file:

barsperstaff    0
botmargin       0.10cm
composerfont    Courier-Italic 9.0
composerspace   0.2cm
continueall     no
encoding        ASCII
exprabove       no
exprbelow       no
freegchord      no
gchordfont      Arial-Italic-Bold 18.0
graceslurs      yes
indent          0.00cm
infofont        Times-Italic 11.0
infoline        no
infospace       0.00cm
landscape       no
leftmargin      0.30cm
lineskipfac     1.10
maxshrink       0.74
measurebox      no
measurefirst    measurenb     -1
musiconly       no
musicspace      0.00cm
oneperpage      no
pageheight      29.7cm
pagewidth       21.0cm
parskipfac      0.40
partsfont       Times-Italic-Bold 25.0 box
partsspace      0.00cm
rightmargin     0.10cm
scale           0.74
staffsep        2.5cm
staffwidth      20.6cm
stretchlast     yes
stretchstaff    yes
subtitlefont    Times-Italic-Bold 15.0
subtitlespace   0.10cm
sysstaffsep     1.27cm
tempofont       Courier-Italic 13q.0
textfont        Courier-Italic 9.0
textspace       0.50cm
titlecaps       no
titlefont       Times-Italic-Bold 26.0
titleleft       no
titlespace      0.00cm
topmargin       0.10cm
topspace        0.00cm
vocalabove      no
vocalfont       Helvetica 13.0
vocalspace      0cm
withxrefs       no
wordsfont       Helvetica 11.0
wordsspace      0.00cm
writehistory    no

Any ideas on how to solve this? I *did* copy to my
home dir and added

. $HOME/

to my .bashrc...

Thanks in advance.
love, peace & harmony

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