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Re: newb questions

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: newb questions
Date: Sat, 29 Jun 2002 21:25:25 +0200

> I have a couple of questions that I didn't see treated in the
> documentation:
> * I have entered about one page of piano music
> (, but lily squeezes it
> together on two systems, how do I control the general "spacey-ness" of the
> music?

I've mostly seen complaints that the music takes too much space
in the mailing list recently. Honestly, do you think it looks
crowded? Also, if you add a one or two more bars, the music will 
be distributed over three systems intstead of two, i.e. when you 
have typeset the full piece, the spacing will look even better 
then when you just have the first bars. 
If you want everything typeset in larger size, just do
\input "". If you want to keep the current size
of the note heads and height of the staves, but get wider
horizontal spacing, there are some parameters that can be
adjusted but it's often difficult to get a result that looks
good. Look for SpacingSpanner in the "Index of Internals" of 
the on-line manual to find documentation of these properties.
However, note that some of these parameters are not forward
compatible and since the next stable release 1.6.0 is 
expected to arrive soon, it may not be worth the effort
to find out. Yet another possibility is to manually insert
\break commands where you want line breaks (note that they
only work at bar lines).

> * I read in the docu that bracket-pedaling is not supported. Is there a
> workaround?

Certainly, just install the latest development version 1.5.63
instead. There is usually a new development version every week
or so, but the latest versions haven't had any major bugs 
that I know of, so you don't have to stay on the bleeding
edge all the time. Also, there shouldn't be much of a difference
to the coming 1.6.x release.


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