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Chord Symbols below Volta bracket

From: Tobias Schlemmer
Subject: Chord Symbols below Volta bracket
Date: Mon, 1 Jul 2002 01:34:22 +0400
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I want to typeset a song with alternative volta endings and chords (lily
1.4.9). How can I get the Chord symbols below the volta bracket? I tried
to move the Volta_engraver to ScoreContext, but the result is not very

Btw. is it possible to get the following output for lyrics in some
                   { repeat text 1 ending 1          }
text before repeat {                                 } text after repeat
                   { repeat text 2          ending 2 }
(no blank line and text before and after repeat are in the middle.
Repeat is sourrounded by braces)

On the other hand I want to set some text above the chord symbols
(namely "Refrain" and "Strophe" in italic). How could I achieve that?
f^"Refrain" is still below the chords.


P.S.: If someone has a patch by hand to get fully running (I 
with the nice Text output Faccidentals-1m instead of F#m),
please send it to me personally. If not I'll have to wait until
September, when I'll be home and can better upgrade.


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