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Re: A whole bunch of questions (fwd)

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: A whole bunch of questions (fwd)
Date: Mon, 12 Aug 2002 19:05:34 +0200

> > 1) I've put the decorations (fingerings, crescendo, dynamics, pedalings,
> > etc) together with the music. Is that the smart thing to do? Would it be
> Yes, that's how to do it.

Well, yes and no! The problem of attaching these decorations 
to spacing notes in a separate line of music is that Lilypond
won't always realize where to place them vertically to avoid
collisions with the actual music. 
If the same performance instructions should be added to 
several instrumental parts, for example, then I would 
handle them separately. Otherwise, keep them together with 
the music, which makes it easier to edit and avoids more

> > 2) There's a lot of clashes between almost everything. In general I think
> > the slurs should be put further away from the music. Also the dynamics
> > clashes with slurs (bar 19) and notes (bar 15) and sometimes (bar 15
> > again) it would be better to attach the slur to the stems instead of the
> > noteheads. How are these thing improved?
> See the "fine tuning".  Ask again if you don't understand.  (after I finish
> my honours thesis in philosophy, I'm going to be editing the tutorial
> and manual, so knowing any confusing parts would be great.  :)

I often use the 'padding' property of different graphical objects
to avoid collisions.

> > 3) He (the "customer", not esp I) would like a more "spaced out" layout,
> > both horizontally, but also more space between staffs (would also solve,
> > or at least help to solve some clashes) and systems. And It would be nice
> > to have (or be able to put) a bit more space between the title and the
> > music. How is that accomplished?
> It's in the manual.  Writing parts -> vertical spacing.
> As for title and music, you could try adding a "\break" or two at the end
> of the music.  I don't know it that'll work, though.

No, it won't work. For the title, just use ordinary LaTeX, 
i.e. insert an extra \\ or \\[5mm] or whatever at the end
of the composer field (or whatever field is printed closest
to the music). 
For the spacing between the staves, the referenced part of
the manual (first go to is

> > 4) crescendo/diminuendo/dynamic markings should be possible to put either
> > above and below systems + between staffs. How?
> See "fine tuning".

or use the \dynamicUp \dynamicDown \dynamicBoth macros
defined in ly/property{,-init}.ly


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