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questions about clashes

From: Atte Andre Jensen
Subject: questions about clashes
Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2002 10:18:23 +0200 (CEST)


I've think I know where lily is at this doing, in regards to handling
clashes: Notes are handled nicely, and everything else (at least what I
tried: fingerings, (phrasing)slurs, dynamics, pedaling and free text) is
so that they look nice together with the notes. But these graphical
objects don't know about the existence of each other. So slur, fingering
and dynamic happening at the same time may clash wildly, simply because
they are each positioned as if the others weren't there. Is that correct?

If so I can see what Han-Wen means by 'Lily won't be "ready" within the
coming 5 years'. [After reading that sentence a second time I realize it
may very well be misunderstood; I'm by no means putting down lily, simply
saying that I understand that it's tricky business - implemented or not -
to resolve all clashings in all situations]

If not then there's something I'm completely missing out on, or messing up
in my code. And if that's the case I think someone should take a look to
see what basic mistake I make.

peace, love & harmony

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