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About being a beginner

From: rsff
Subject: About being a beginner
Date: Thu, 15 Aug 2002 17:14:06 +0000
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I have to tell you I found out about Lilypond about 3 weeks ago, when someone 
told me about LateX, and then I thought "Hey, I could try to find one for 
music!".  Details: I have never done a document in LateX, nor in Lilypond, 
but do have some basic Programming in C++ Concepts, which REALLY helped.

My greatest problem Is understanding how the whole "Tuning your piece" Works.

The manual, I have to confess, Is a bit confusing at some points, but after I 
read the Advanced Topics it became a bit more clear where commands could, or 
could not go. But that was by far my greatest problem. I didn't understand 
(until after I read the Advanced Topics) what commands could go where. I 
still think that the whole manual could improve. Advanced topics should go at 
the beginning of the book. Things that are in the tutorial SHOULD get their 
own place in Reference Manual.

Also, the Internals documentation is very confusing about what is what. And 
for some reasong, the Advanced Topics don't really make it clear the whole 
Context - Engravers - Variables idea. The structure of the webpage doesn't 
help a lot either. A "Tree" which has All of the Contexts - Engravers - 
Variables could make it easier to find where things are. (like when you are 
in Konqueror, and select "Treemode"

But the worst flaw of the Internals documentation is that some variables don't 
get explanations of what they control in determined Contexts, and that makes 
the task of Fine Tuning VERY hard!

Those are my 2cents. . . 


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