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From: David Raleigh Arnold
Subject: tab
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 14:45:18 +0000

Saw the tablature.

1.  I see that the first string is "number 6" and the sixth
string is "number 1".  The numbering of strings has nothing to do
with high and low, BTW.  The first string is the one
closest to the left hand for any instrument that has a

Some commercial programs do stringing in the wrong order
too.  I was hoping lilypond would avoid that mistake.

It is particularly unhelpful with modern instruments,
which tend to have more in common at the first string
than at the nth.  c = actual middle C.

      Guitar Banjo(BG) Mandolin  Balalaika 
1st:  e      d         e'        e
nth:  e,,    g         g,        b,
Not a problem for the experienced,
just for the beginner, so it doesn't affect me,
as long as strings don't have to be in order of

2.  How does one get rid of the stems in the tab?

3.  How can one have fingering in the
notation and still have tablature?

Information is not knowledge.           Belief is not truth.
Indoctrination is not teaching.   Tradition is not evidence.
         David Raleigh Arnold   address@hidden

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