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Re: line breaking and fingering

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: line breaking and fingering
Date: Tue, 20 Aug 2002 14:43:40 +0200

> (Oops, I forgot to attach the code)
> Hellow,
> I am using lilypond 1.5.71 on windows machine. I would like to ask for
> your experiences concerning manual line breaking and fingering
> placement,
> 1. How can I break to a new line just before a grace note? (See the
> example below in the upper voice. If I quote the grace note away,
> everything goes fine. For now, it seems to be unable to start a new
> line with a grace note.)

Looks like a bug to me. 

> 2. How can I put the fingering indication not only above or bellow a
> note but also beside it? (This happens sometimes if I want to finger
> for every note in an arpeggio.)

See the the example file input/test/

> 3. For guitar player, sometimes string indication is needed. It is
> shown by a circle around the string number above or bellow a note. How
> do I draw this? In the example I used text markup to put "(2)" (B
> string) above fis8. But it's not really as desired as convention.

We do not have any supported for circles around text of rehearsal
marks in Lilypond, but you could always use inline TeX code. Try 


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