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Re: missing numbers in ps file

From: oveg l
Subject: Re: missing numbers in ps file
Date: Wed, 28 Aug 2002 12:21:20 +0200


Thanks your answer.

> I assume that you have installed your current Lilypond 1.4.10
> from an RPM, or did you compile it yourself?
I get SuSE linux 8.0 distribution. The SuSE 8.0 contain the recompiled
lilypond version (in rpm). When I installed the linux distribution I
requested lilypond package installation. I like recompile latest
version, but I cannot. Lilypond tar file contain suse.spec file, but
this file only aviable for SuSE 7.0 version. I try compile lilypond
with: ./configure, make, make install commands, but I get error.

> How did you process the file, did you use ly2dvi -P
> Have you tried to view the .dvi file in xdvi (or kdvi or
> whatever you have)? Does it have the same problems?
No. I try this command:
lilypond -f ps
and I get file. The ps pile "contain" missing numbers.

> Do you see the same problems both on the screen and on
> printouts?
Yes (I wiev with kgostscript). And I convert with kghostscript to pdf
file. I see same problems.

> Please followup to the mailing list.
I tryed search same question, but I cannot get hits.

>    /Mats
Sorry, I don't understand this row.

-------------------------------------------------- - Mert levelezni kell...

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