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neophyte question: banjo tab

From: KevinKnaus
Subject: neophyte question: banjo tab
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 20:29:44 -0400
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29 August 2002


I am new to lilypond and trying to write 5 string banjo tablature.  I am using 
lilypond 1.6

I have read from a number of sources that to change the number of strings from 
the default six I need to put in the line:

StaffSymbol \override #'line-count  = #5

My problem is that I do not know where this goes...

melody = \notes {
    \key g \major
    \property Staff.Stem \override #'direction = #1
        a,8-2  c'16-5 c'16-5 a8-4 e'-2
        e-3 c'-5 <a8-4 e'-2 e-3 c'-5> e'-2
        c''-4 () d''-4 c32-1 (d32-1 e32-1 f32-1) c8-1

accompaniment = \chords {
        g2 c2 d2

\score {
    \time 2/4
    \context ChordNames \accompaniment
    \context TabStaff = mel {
     StaffSymbol \override #'line-count  = #5
    \paper{    }

This doesn't work.  What else do I need to do?  I've fooled around with a 
number of things that I've read about in the archives, but with no luck.  
(the notes from "melody" are meaningless)

Any pointers on setting string tunings would also be appreciated.



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