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Re: More questions...

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: More questions...
Date: Thu, 03 Oct 2002 18:26:21 +0200

I'm sending the answer to the mailing list, since it may 
be of general interest. I hope you don't feel offended.

All you who "improved" the Reference manual before the release
of 1.6.0, please keep reading!

In general, please keep questions on the mailing list, for 
the benefit of yourself since you get access to the collected 
expertise on the list and for the benefit of others who have
similar questions.

> I am trying to write a choral piece with different lyrics on different
> staves and I am having big problems getting the lyrics to be in the right
> place - they all tend to migrate to just below the top line of music
> within a particular group of staves (i.e. within a ChoirStaff, etc.). In
> the template file, there are some lines such as
>  \context Lyrics = sopLyrs { s1 }
>         \context Staff = women { s1 }
> which seem to produce the right effect (since if I remove them, the lyrics
> migrate to the wrong place!). Can you explain how these work?

This used to be described in the reference manual, but the
whole section on lyrics in the reference manual has dissapeared!

The simple principle is that contexts are drawn in the order they
are defined in the score. Because of the syntax of the \addlyrics
command, \addlyrics copyRhythmFrom copyRhythmTo, where
copyRhythmFrom and copyRhythmTo are any kind of musical expressions, 
the lyrics comes after the corresponding music, unless you define
the contexts before you do the \addlyrics as you describe above.
The template input/template/ might be useful.

> Also, is there an override to set the position of lyrics by hand?

See above!


> Thanks,
> Thomas
> ----------------------------------------------------------
> address@hidden
> Physics Division, School of Technology
> Aristotle University of Thessaloniki
> Thessaloniki 54124

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