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Re: Lyrics spacing with lilypond 1.6.4

From: Jan Nieuwenhuizen
Subject: Re: Lyrics spacing with lilypond 1.6.4
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 10:25:30 +0200
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Alois Steindl <address@hidden> writes:

> Today I re-installed tetex-tiny several times (due to clashes of
> environment variables (TEXMFCNF) settings there where some problems),
> until it produced proper output. Now the spacing looks perfect.
> I had thaught that lilypond already takes care of the proper spacing
> and LaTeX only does the typesetting

It does.  But LilyPond needs to get the font and character dimensions
of the TeX fonts that are used.  This goes through the kpathsea
library and actual font files.  Juggling with two tex distributions is
asking for trouble.

> Thanks for your valuable hints!

I would suggest to use tetex alone; or create two users: where each
users only sees one tex distribution (PATH and TEX* variables).


Jan Nieuwenhuizen <address@hidden> | GNU LilyPond - The music typesetter       |

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