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Re: cadenza question

From: Mats Bengtsson
Subject: Re: cadenza question
Date: Fri, 04 Oct 2002 17:20:30 +0200

The \cadenzaOn/Off just tell Lilypond to stop inserting bar lines, 
the rhythms in the different staves still has to match. 

What you could do is to say \times 2/3{...} in the solo part
(don't forget to turn off the tuplet numbers and brackets).
An alternative is to say e1*3/2 in all the other parts.


> Hi
> I have a Solo + SATB + Piano piece, (in 4/4) and in the last measure 
> the soloist has a cadenza of 6 beats while the chorus sustains the word 
> "home".
> Here's the solo notes:
> \cadenzaOn bes8 ( des4 ces8 \cadenzaOff [bes8 f8 as8 ges8] [as,8 ) f'8] 
> [es8 () des8]
> for the chorus i had to use
> | e1 ~ e2 | to complete the 6 beats, can i make that one note?
> \cadenzaOn e1 \cadenzaOff doesn't work
> does anybody know if it's at all possible?
> thanks,
> Jule
> Jule Slootbeek
> address@hidden

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