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RE: Key sigs & repeats

From: Ralph Little
Subject: RE: Key sigs & repeats
Date: Mon, 7 Oct 2002 13:20:43 +0100

Here we go!

For only a single repeat section (before or after), it works as expected.
I think that the ghist is that if there are 2 volta-style repeats
back-to-back, then the grace notes are placed between the end/start repeat
bars, which looks a bit odd. 
\score {
        \notes {
                \time 3/4
                \key bes \major
                \relative c' {
                        \repeat volta 2 {
                                c4 d ees f2.
                        \repeat volta 2 {
                                \grace {d16 ( } ) c4 d ees f2.

> > Secondly, I have a grace note at the beginning of a bar 
> following a repeated
> > section and it is shoved (rather unceremoniously) into the 
> preceding bar
> > (the last bar of the repeat). Has anybody seen this before?
> Can you send an example? 

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